Courage of your convictions

Right now Rick Santelli from CNBC and Rush Limbaugh appear to be the only people speaking out against the unbelievable slide to socialism which is underway in our country. I know that when something unpleasant is going on it is natural to want to fix it. I also know that, if after three cuts the board is still too short, you should probably stop cutting. It is important at all times to have the courage of your convictions and not give in to panic which will only make the situation worse and to remember that the Constitution is the most important thing in this country next to God.

If you have not watched the Santelli video I strongly recommend it.


Are there any responsible Democrats?

Democrat Senator Feinstein has now endagered national security by giving official voice to secret information. First she should be arrested. Then the search to my question can begin; are there any responsible Democrats? These people are crazy and dangerous!


Punishment for every cool business trip!

Punishment for every cool business trip!

We need at least one more for a movement…

At least there is one elected Republican who understands that conservatism is the key, not only to a better America, but also to winning elections. Now if we can just find at least one more to join Congressman Tom Price we could consider it a movement.

Thank you National Review Online’s The Corner for linking this.

I’m disappointed in you Rush.

I can’t believe what I read from Rush Limbaugh this morning; Rush actually advocates caving in to liberal socialism, which is the Democrat party, and compromising on the obscene “stimulus” bill.

I’m disappointed in you Rush.

Up till now you have always called a commie a commie; taught millions of Americans to never compromise their principles and that moderates were simply people without conviction. And you have been right.

I can only hope you are once again simply pointing out the absurd with absurdity. President Obama will never go for your plan because it would concede the country to conservatism forever. As you point out, while for various reasons the majority in the country did vote for President Obama, a far larger majority oppose the liberal tax and spend approach to government when it is exposed plainly for them. If the Dems were to take your bait they would be acknowledging that while they can win elections they cannot win the the arena of ideas and ideals.

Come back to the right Rush, let us know we haven’t lost you to moderation.

Commie Pinko

Rich Brookhiser of National Review’s The Corner and I have something in common; our wives apparently want us to take them to the movies or out to coffee but dread what is going to come out of our mouths.

Mr. Brookhiser’s comment about the movie Che  “Communist murderer” seem’s much like something I would say, unfortunately to my wife’s discomfort. Such as standing in line at Starbuck’s, hearing the manager complain about the cost of something skyrocketing because of “global warming”, and me commenting that “I think the Red Chinese are behind it.”

My wife thought this inappropriate. On reflection,I don’t think it was inapproriate but wasted. On reflection I’m not sure the twenty-somethings in line understand that the Chinese are Communist, (thus Red), and that in fact they do not have the best interest of the US, and capitalism, in mind. They do in fact have much to gain from crushing our economy by any means possible.

I think I will ask my wife to go to a movie to make up for my faux paus. Does anyone know where they are not showing Che: the Commie Pinko?

Relaxin with some empty space

I have some time to myself today, time to sit, to catch up with the world wide interweb, time to listen. For the third or fourth time of the day I am listening to Relaxin with the Miles Dave Quintet and I am facinated by the “empty space” allowed when, in 1956, you let 5 guys just play.

This has me thinking; when was the last time I allowed myself the time to relax and find my own “empty space?” It is so easy with work, family, church and life in general to “keep your head down, get ‘er done” and not allow God time to just work in my mind and heart. So often my God time is focused, to often on me, but even to often overly focused on Him. This sounds strange but if I am trying to focus and guide the conversation with God, I am eliminating His ability to fill the “empty space” with whatever He wishes.