US Navy Ships Deploy to Support Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts

The US Navy is used to providing disaster relief around the world. How much more rewarding, if emotionally difficult, for them to be helping their fellow countrymen this time.

The Anti-War Left

“They are attempting to create another generation of self-loathing losers who will [be] dependent on the liberals to lead them out of the falsely created darkness.”

So says Major Mike at My Sandmen who has an excellent piece debunking the defeatist agenda. Major Mike correctly identifies the irresponsible role played by the press in promoting this defeatism saying “With the help of the very negative hometown press, the Defeatists have gone and 1-15 in the past 25 years. They are looking at picking up their second victory, I mean defeat, soon.”

Without a complicit press Cindy Sheehan, rather than a rallying cry for all the leftist in the world, would instead be an unknown grieving mother who has changed her mind over the importance her son’s service to their country. While I do not agree with Ms. Sheehan, I recognize her right to speak her mind. The press however is utterly despicable to give voice to, and actually promote, the anti-United States propaganda of the defeatist left that is using Ms. Sheehan as a catalyst.

My Sandmen has fully illustrated the folly of the defeatist left. Thanks go to OKIE on the LAM™ for the link.

Winning: The most important attribute for a candidate!

Hugh Hewitt quotes Michael Barone discussing the changing GOP electorate. Hugh states that “What I think we can agree is that a pro-choice tilt doesn’t disqualify a GOP candidate in the primaries if he is strong on the GWOT, if his choices for judges can be trusted, and if he has been loyal to the president and the party.” While all of Hugh’s post rings true I think important to remember the most important attribute for a candidate to possess: the ability to win. I know Hugh is speaking specifically about primary elections where principle carries more weight than in a general election, however, I think an in-ability to win should always trump principle.

Never forget one of Hugh’s key commandments: The purpose is to win elections.

Thanks Hugh Hewitt for this and so many good post.

By popular demand: The Greatest Political Movie Line Ever

With my friends emailing this link back and forth, and both kids (mostly) off to college, I thought it appropriate to finally post the link.

Thanks to The Hedgehog Blog for the link.

Conservatives dump the GOP? Why? It’s our party!

Mark Tapscott asks the question “Is it time for Conservatives to dump the GOP?” Wondering if the blogosphere makes possible a run to power of a new “conservative” party is an interesting discussion for those of us appalled at the GOP even when “There seemed nothing to stop the conservative agenda of cutting taxes, reducing spending, eliminating wasteful bureaucracy and pointless red tape, limiting the power of incumbency, making Congress more accountable and breaking up the Iron Triangles of special interests, bureaucrats and entrenched Democrats on Capitol Hill.”

The real lesson of the rise of the GOP, fueled by conservatives, since the Reagan revolution is that you must unite party politics with a dynamic, courageous leader in order to advance a conservative agenda. That dynamic leader must have enough party support to protect and champion him (like Reagan) or he will be devoured at the slightest misstep (Gingrich.)

To answer the insightful Mr. Tapscott: Should conservatives dump the GOP? No. Conservatives do however need to press on and fully seize control of the party that they have built!

Thank you Tapsott’s Copy Desk for linking the text of your article.

Iran: "The North Koreans of Islam"

From Patrick Devenny comes this frightening look at the new President of Iran, his regime and the threat posed to the free world. There is reason to be worried about a regime that is “adamantly anti-Western and anti-Semitic, their ideology firmly rooted in the Khomeinist values of piety and religious extremism. Noted Iran expert Amir Taheri put it best, recently referring to Ahmadinejad and his IRGC allies as ‘the North Koreans of Islam.'”

Courtesy of The Center for Strategic Policy is this FrontPage story by Patrick Devenny.

Illegal Immigration: Have two Democrats forced the Republican party to act?

The Hedgehog Blog says “In some ways this issue reminds me of the notion that “only Nixon could go to China.” Arguably, only Democrats could take a tough position on border enforcement and get away with it.”

In reality of course the American people know that only Republicans can be serious about national security and this places this issue squarely on their shoulders. Individual candidates in both parties can make names for themselves by crabbing this issue. As a party however it is the Republicans who have the most to win by facing or lose by ignoring the desire of the American people to have strong border enforcement to improve national security. The opportunity is now and the need is urgent. It is clearly time for Republican party to act.

The Hedgehog Blog: Will The Democrats Outflank The Republicans on Illegal Immigration? Not Necessarily. is a very good read.

The most important Able Danger question.

Tapscott’s Copy Desk has posted the most important question regarding Able Danger and the 911 Commission, and it is critical for several reasons:

“Does GOP Leadership Have the Guts to Put Gorelick Under Oath in Front of a Camera?” This needs to happen for national security reasons. The purpose of the 911 Commission was to identify what when wrong so it could be fixed.

“Does GOP Leadership Have the Guts to Put Gorelick Under Oath in Front of a Camera?” This needs to happen for confidence reasons. The American people deserve Congressional leadership that holds it’s appointed commissions accountable.

“Does GOP Leadership Have the Guts to Put Gorelick Under Oath in Front of a Camera?” This needs to happen for political reasons. The GOP needs to strike while the opportunity exist, not for opportunities sake, but rather to avoid future accusations of being involved in a cover up.

Thank you Tapscott’s Copy Desk.

Responsibility illustrated.

“The Clinton administration, almost 8 years on the job, dithered when it came to assessing threats to national security.”

Radio Blogger sums up what happens when you let liberals, which today means Democrats, have control of national security. Was 9/11 Clinton’s fault? No. Could a more responsible approach to national security and foreign policy prevented 9/11? Only possibly. What is certain is the difference in the response of the Democrats after the first Trade Center attack and that of the Republicans after 9/11. Republicans immediately knew we were at war and responded accordingly. Democrats, even after 9/11, still do not understand that this is war and only unconditional victory can end it.

Thanks Radio Blogger for this and all the great transcriptions you provide!

The real news from Iraq!

For some reason this struck me as incredibly funny. Think John Cleese as you watch the video.