Double Down on Boeing

RealClearPolitics has the details on the internal politics of Airbus. Read between the lines and it sounds like time to double down on your Boeing stock options. Not much is going well at Airbus and the damage of socialism in Germany and France seems to be the primary culprit.

WMD being used by militants in Iraq

Where did these WMD come from? If from within Iraq, there goes the “Iraq had no WMD” anti-war theory out the window. If from without, it is time for bombs to start falling on the source and the leadership of the source country to be taken out immediately.

Militants Using Chemical Bombs in Iraq – New York Times was found at The Corner.

Conservative hope.

Hope springs eternal in the conservative heart, and Dick Morris’s article from The Hill is the first indication that perhaps, if only perhaps, Republicans will have a choice who does not have to try to convince the base they are conservative.

Thank you Real Clear Politics for linking to Here comes Newt.

Distrust but verify!

I am sure that the hand-wringers in the State Department have complete trust that North Korea will, for the first time in 60 years, keep it’s word. Hopefully there is a realist in the administration who will recommend a strong dose of “distrust but verify.”

BREITBART.COM – Tentative Deal in N. Korea Nuclear Talks found at the Drudge Report.


The Victory Caucus site is now up and running.

While no organization is likely, nor is it necessary, to have total unity on all subjects, for success it is critical that there be unity on the major issues. Thank you Hugh Hewitt and all for being a strong voice of reason that holds representatives accountable to the major issues of the Republican party.

Searching for courage in the GOP.

Thank you William Kristol for saying so well what so many concerned conservatives have been saying poorly; Republicans must stand strong. The way to win back control of the house and senate, win the White House in ’08 and most importantly, win in the Iraq theatre of operations in the ongoing war against Islamic militants and terrorist, is to stand strong now for victory. There really should be no other goal or consideration, it is victory that matters.

The GOP’s Moment of Truth

Choose right or "let us have done with you."

Hugh Hewitt summarizes the critical decision facing Republican Senators, Congressmen and, most importantly, Republican Leadership this week. The decision is clear cut, the stakes are urgent, and weakness if chosen will cause elation in our political and most importantly our actively engaged enemies who we are at war with around the world. Weakness over the war however, after the leadership debacle over judges last year, will be met with complete rejection by the party base. Incumbents and would-be leaders beware; choose right or “let us have done with you.”

It is up to the conservative base.

According to Kathryn Jean Lopez, Newt Gingrich just told conservative House members “you have to be the mouthpiece and conscious of this conference. Do not wait for leadership to do it, it’s clear that they won’t.”

This from The Corner on National Review Online.