The most important bowl game

At long last it is official, Nebraska will play Clemson in the Gator Bowl on New Year’s Day. This is of course the most important bowl game of the year, with the Husker’s returning to prominence under Bo Pelini.

ORCC Bloggers Unite!

Liveblogging the ORCC Bloggers Unite group today. Attending this holiday weekend, (first Husker game!) are:

Overflow of the Heart
Elissa Budd
The River Blog
The Hosh

So far the discussion has been lively about how to incorporate Facebook feeds, linking to others, and having focused content that encourages readership, linking, and comments.

UPDATE: Who uses Livewriter? Facebook feeds appear to work with a hat tip to The Kevlar Beard.
UPDATE2: I was just informed this is also Labor Day weekend, not just the first Husker game. Who knew?