It is time for the Clancy option in Iran.

OKIE on the LAM – In LA does a great job illustrating the severity of the threat Iran, under it’s temporary leadership, presents to the world.

Those who do not understand the capabilities of the US military are already wringing their hands over our, supposed, lack of a military option. This would be laughable if the situation were not so serious because those saying there is no military option will of course wet themselves when one is presented. Their problem, besides being spineless liberals, is they have no imagination. One need only look to Tom Clancy for a way to end the madness presently leading Iran.

To a long-lasting Republican majority!

“If you want to “think like an economist” remember that Democrats are alarmed that conservatives have higher birth rates than liberals. The numbers are trending toward a long-lasting Republican majority.”

“By getting in front of amnesty advocacy the Dems and labor unions are doing all they can to a capitalize on a whole new crop of ethnic voters. Thus, the parasites can survive another day.”

Jonah Goldberg at The Corner on National Review Online has posted comments from a reader that illustrate the enormous opportunity Republicans have if they will only seize it. Standing on National Security, securing the border, and exposing the Democrats as the weak opportunist that they are will go a long way towards securing a “long-lasting Republican majority.”

Secure America Pledge

At last, a policy to deal with border security and illegal immigration that makes sense. If only those in the US Congress could get the message. Republican incumbents who do not get serious about this issue risk not only their own defeat, but that of other candidates as well. The base will not turn out for those who turn their backs to the security demands and wishes of their supporters.

The Center for Security Policy has the Secure America Pledge.

Google location tracking.

“Google aims to be able to track its users to within 100-200 feet of their location through new wireless networks in order to serve them with relevant advertising from local businesses.”

OKIE on the LAM – In LA has more on this story which has me wondering what other uses are there for this technology?

Could this be a method to track mobile employees, verify they are where they are supposed to be, route them efficiently to their next job, and gain an increased level of security should they go missing?

Imagine the ice cream man ringing a bell or broadcasting some carnival song around the neighborhood to announce his arrival who now as “pinged” an announcement advertising his presence to every home in the area. (Would that be a “popsicle-up ad?”

Imagine the sales force who can now offer “instant delivery” by having a stocked delivery truck automatically routed to the point of the sale as soon as the transaction is completed.

Imagine the terrorist group trying to coordinate their plans from different sites around town all being arrested, or killed, within seconds of one another with no time to realize they had been discovered.

Could all this be available with GPS devises today? Yes. How widely available are applications based on GPS? I do not know. I am glad that OKIE on the LAM – In LA has me thinking about this.

Geneva Conventions and Enemy Combatants

The Hedgehog Blog is asking if British Defense Minister John Reid is correct that the Geneva Conventions require updating to address non-uniformed terrorist. In fact the Geneva Conventions already addresses this issue by clearly defining what represents legal warfare and who are legal combatants. Those persons not meeting the criteria described, and this includes non-uniformed terrorist, do not enjoy the privilege of protection under the Conventions. Falling outside the protections of the Geneva Conventions means that there are no internationally recognized legal rules that apply to the treatment of “enemy combatants” and they may be handled, or disposed of, in the way their captors see fit.

Why National League baseball is best.

The double switch.

Along with pitchers batting and managers impacting the game, the double switch is baseball at it’s best. Only in the National League do we see baseball as it is meant to be played.

The double switch on opening day, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Colorado Rockies : Game Wrapup