Syria: Newest "Axis of Evil" member seeks the worlds attention.

The newest member of the “Axis of Evil” is trying to get the worlds attention. Syria should remember the attention it’s neighbor received.

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It keeps getting easier for Hoffman to act.

It keeps getting easier for CU President Hoffman to do what needs to be done. Will she take action?

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More China…

China is working towards becoming a strategic peer according to Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy. Is it in the best interest of the United States to allow a strategic peer to develop? In particular one which is not a democracy, has imperial ambitions and with which we have been at war with both open and covert?

As we have learned in the war on terror, it is costly to wait for threats to develop the skills, infrastructure and support needed to attack us. How much more threatening when that threat also has nukes and conventional arms to directly threaten our interest around the world. We must prepare today to counter this growing threat and work to get the world on our side in limiting China’s growth.

The Center for Security Policy

China:The next Cold War?

Is China warming up to be the next Cold War? Very concerning when you consider that since helping China get free from the Japanese during WWII we have been in several “just short of war” engagements with Chinese forces, most notably the millions of Chinese who provided for the North Korean threat we face today. There is reason to be very watchful and we need to prepare to meet this threat now.

Beware China’s traps – The Washington Times: Commentary – February 22, 2005

Is CU President Betsy Hoffman part of the problem?

CU at the very least has an image problem. From sex scandals in the football program to out of control radicals with questionable credentials on faculty. CU President Hoffman must eventually demonstrate that she can responsibly manage and lead. If President Hoffman is not able to demonstrate control over this institution, one wonders how much longer she should stay.

“It’s really too bad that the University of Colorado is being held hostage by Ward Churchill.” So writes ClayCalhoun, after a Colorado House Republican Leadership Caucus meeting which focus on CU. CU President Elizabeth Hoffman was in attendance and was concerned about the effect firing Churchill would have on “attracting and retaining other faculty.” Other radicals who might be upset with Churchill’s departure are not your concern, though they should be. It is time for President Hoffman to deal with this “hostage” situation and lead this institution or step down so someone else can.

American Liberalism, a burnt-out case in so many ways.

Race, National Security, War on Terror, Economic Theory. In so many areas the left has been proven wrong and yet they hold on.
As the Top of the World Turns encourages the right that “the next political battles will be fought within the conservative side.” Better that we frame the discussion than leave it to those on the wrong side of history.

Of course it inefficient, it’s the government!, remember what the good folks at “Right Makes Right” say “If only the government was run like a business, the discussion would be over.” They were referring to social security reform but the quote is applicable here.