Catalyst band leading worship for City Prayer!

Now this is exciting, Catalyst band is leading worship for City Prayer Saturday morning! Catalyst band you might ask? Yes that’s right, the masters of the slide will be headlining and that makes City Prayer Denver the place to be.

As soon as the food is on your plate, it is wasted…

According to Judifree:  

“You do NOT have to eat all of the food on your plate.
It is not wasteful.
There is no guilt.
Here’s why: as soon as the food is prepared and on your plate, it is wasted.”

By extension if one drives an SUV instead of a Hybrid, the gas is all ready “wasted.” Incandescent or fluorescent? The electricity is already generated. Don’t get me started on plastic, paper or cloth at the grocery store…

The real key perhaps is that in so many areas of our lives our preconceived ideas, our “traditions,” our theories, while they have gotten us to where we are now, can and should be examined to see if they are going to get us where we want to go.

Thanks Judi for giving me 1or2thoughts.

All together for Easter service, sort of…

Great Easter service today and particularly good to have both boys in the service with us. While they were in church with us our lives have reached the point, and it is a very good place to be, where they did not actually sit with us.

Josh sat on the left side of the sanctuary with his friends and the Catalyst group. Sean played acoustic for worship and sat on the right side of the sanctuary during the sermon. Sue and I sat in the middle of the church and had the great joy of realizing that while our lives have moved on, our boys are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing.

The best part; we get to see and experience them moving in what God has called them to be.

Lack of will.

As with most situations, it is the “lack of political will” which causes the largest problems.

The lack of will to not eat the entire pint of Cookie Dough ice cream.
The lack of will to drill for oil when and where available.
The lack of will to say “no” to a child needing bounderies.
The lack of will to say no to ones flesh.
The lack of will to say no to the expedient solution, i.e. smoking bans, behavior modifying taxes, global warming religion.

The lesson here is to remember that it was likely a lack of will, your own or another’s, which created whatever challenge is before you; and it is likely that an act of will can change it.

How exciting is this?

Jackson’s coming to Parker!

Jackson’s All American Burger

Enough said.

Win or lose, it is baseball season!

So the Rockies lost today. So it is only Spring Training. It is baseball season as far as I am concerned!

Hello world!

Yes, I now reside at wordpress. Please change your links (sorry about that) and be patient with me as I adapt.

Great day for a drive.

Warm sunny day; snow covered mountains to the west; beautiful wife beside me; Rockies on the radio.

Thank you sweetheart, I enjoyed the day!

The Official Site of The Colorado Rockies: News: Holliday blasts first spring home run