Great photos of freedom. Thanks Powerline

Amazing and exciting to see how many have voted and the pure joy on so many faces. I was perhaps this excited when George Bush was re-elected, but I have to admit I did not appreciate the pure act of voting as these people did. Thanks Powerline for these pictures.

What a glorious day

With my home filled with teenagers for an 18th birthday party, I should say eating extravaganza, I cannot help but think of those getting ready to vote for the first time on the other side of the world. My house full of young Christians who, along with myself, know no persecution, no threat to their security or peace and enjoy all the freedoms those in harms way in Iraq are there to defend and spread. I pray the voting goes well and hope these newly free people enjoy and embrace their new way of life.

Lockheed Reportedly Gets Marine One Contract

3 engines vs 2. Proven vs developmental. I am curious what those who will depend on this think.

Lockheed Reportedly Gets Marine One Contract

Marine One replacement

The Navy is to announce their selection today. More is at stake than just the 20 plus fleet of Marine One helicopters. The selection will also most likely be the Marine Corps and USAF medium lift helicopter for the next 25 years or more. The Marines in particular are in urgent need of a replacement for their aged CH-46 medium lift helicopters. While there are significant political considerations to respect I hope the Marines are given what they need.

The Bristol Press – News – 01/28/2005 – Sikorsky gets word today on ‘Marine One’

How much turnout do you need for a successful election?

In the upcoming Iraqi election how much turnout do you need for a successful election? While a fantastic turnout upwards of 60% will certainly be hard to consider a failure (thought the left will try), should a turnout of 30% be considered a failure? It strikes me that when in the United States there have been voter turnout in the 40% to 50% range after democracy and security have been well established we should not be negative about even a 10%-20% turnout in a country voting for the first time. I certainly expect turnout to be strong on Sunday in Iraq, but high or low I will be excited for Iraqis new democratic population. Thanks for linking this.

Citizen Z :: Another Positive Iraqi Poll

Vox Blogoli round 2

Interesting that Jonathan Rauch in his response to Hugh Hewitt acknowledges that it was indiscreet to loosely compare conservative Christians with potential bombers but misses the idea that it is most offensive because there is no similar comment regarding the radical left in his article. Fascinating that Rauch is engaging so openly in the blog format. Has this happened before to this extent?

Is this a crime?

Is this a crime? If so will there be a prosecution? When secret matters involving national security are made public, in particular during times of conflict, I believe that laws are violated. Why is William Arkin not detained for the duration of the conflict? What of Eric Schmitt or the publishers of the New York Times.

The New York Times > National > California Recall > Commandos Get Duty on U.S. Soil

Everything starts with 1or2thoughts.

1or2thoughts are generally enough to decide if an issue is worthy of further investigation. I will share 1or2thoughts as they come to me and look forward to exploring those I find interesting.