Have you ever taken God for granted?

Have you ever taken God for granted?

Now for the kicker; is that a bad thing if, when, you have?

On one hand He is God. He is my Lord; my Father, and I honor and worship Him. I (strive to) serve Him and to do His will every day. When I take Him for granted I dishonor Him, diminish myself and fall short of my rightful role as a Covenant servant (and Covenant blessed) of God.

On the other hand God is my friend, my best friend, and my father. I walk with Him every day. He talks to me, guides me and is a very real presence in my day to day life. Not like “God” but more like my father; my friend. He is in my heart and in my head. He is conversational, not only in prayer, but actually “with me” as I go about my day.

So what happens when I “take Him for granted” because yes I have, do, and the evidence is I will again? Do I beat myself, repent, and throw myself on His mercy? Yes. It is painful and yet…

I also am thankful, oh so very thankful, for a God who is my friend, my father (family), my “confidant” Redeemer Who I can be close enough too take for granted.

When He and I talk about this does He agree it’s a good thing? He did yesterday and He did today; if I get a different answer tomorrow I will let you know. Interestingly, He also allows me to remind myself, chastise myself, that He is God and is to be revered. It is amazing how when I correct myself, He let’s me. Good lesson in parenthood.

What do you think; is it a bad thing when you take God for granted?

Some things move in unison

It’s interesting how some things move in unison, particularly in the workings of God’s Kingdom.

On my sight I have the RSS feed from One Green Bracelet and it had an update on “So you think you know Worldchild”. I thought I did but it was good to learn the background and real world impact they have.

Then via Judifree, as part of my “chasing rabbits” push (read earlier post), I was scanning Without Wax and find they are talking about the same shoe outreach that One Green Bracelet was running a video on.

I find it interesting how some things move in unison like this. It amazes me how I can listen to my pastor speak on what God is telling him and then through a blog, a friend, or listening to an online sermon find another pastor in another part of the country was giving the same message at the same time. Have you noticed this too?

UPDATE: I was informed that the ministries linked above support different shoe ministries. I assume one is a left shoe and one a right shoe and that this still supports my comment about things moving in unison. Could I be right?

Why this excites me

I may not feel any call to go on a missions trip, and I don’t, but One Green Bracelet has me very excited because:

1) I can be involved just by leaving a comment or posting in my blog about it even while I’m in Las Vegas for a meeting.
2) I can be involved by giving and yes you can do that online here.
3) I am involved because my church is involved, so yes Judi, a church can “be growing, thriving, and global too!”