Oh for a coherent conservative American politician

Thank you Iain Murray for your post at The Corner. Now if we can just find one coherent conservative American politician to deliver the same message to President Obama, and more importantly to the whole country, perhaps, just perhaps we can be back on track towards a more positive future.


You don’t know what you are missing!

If you have never seen The Quiet Man you don’t know what you are missing. Here is a taste from the best movie ever made.

UPDATE: It being suggested that I was giving too much of the movie away to the one or two people who have not seen it; so I have pulled the video down and encourage you to read about it and then buy or rent it.

Images of Innocence

I occasionally visit a mall near my office on days I want to have someplace temperate to take a walk and eat something that will leave me asking “why in the world would I, or anyone eat that” for the rest of the day. As important as those reasons may be there is something better at this mall; a carousel.img00236

The carousel itself is cool but more important are the riders. Little images of innocence who have no knowledge or worry in the world other than hanging on and enjoying the trip. It is great fun to watch and never fails to make me smile.

At the mall there are often other images of innocense; groups of handicaped people, young and old, who are on an outing. The apparent joy of their surroundings on many of their faces also makes me smile.

These two disparate images of innocence combine to get me thinking; there was a time when every person on earth, then and to come, had the opportunity at such innocence. Then there were two bites and our realities have all been much different.

This thought, at first very sober, then gets me smiling much like the images around me. Knowing Christ and my future in Him gives me hope and joy knowing that the innocence God always intended for our pleasure is available to every one of us.

Steele owes me an apology, not Rush.

Michael Steele does not owe Rush Limbaugh an apology, even though he was foolish and indiscreet in his comments. Mr. Steele does however owe me an apology for pretending to represent me and then demonstrating that he doesn’t get it at all.

As the leader, apparently administrative leader only, of the RNC, Mr. Steele’s casual dismissal of Rush is an overt display of what is wrong with our party, and why it has become difficult to support the RNC. What Mr. Steele and other Republicans don’t understand is that Rush Limbaugh says the things that many conservatives are thinking and only wish we could voice so well. We don’t listen to Rush to learn what to think, although we often are enlightened. We listen to Rush because he thinks and speaks like we do.

When the RNC decides they want Republicans to win again they and their candidates will sound much more like Mr. Limbaugh, and indeed like the average American, than they can apparently realize now. Until they understand that I’m afraid we will continue to feel abandoned.

Thanks Mark Steyn at The Corner for getting it.