Have you ever taken God for granted?

Have you ever taken God for granted?

Now for the kicker; is that a bad thing if, when, you have?

On one hand He is God. He is my Lord; my Father, and I honor and worship Him. I (strive to) serve Him and to do His will every day. When I take Him for granted I dishonor Him, diminish myself and fall short of my rightful role as a Covenant servant (and Covenant blessed) of God.

On the other hand God is my friend, my best friend, and my father. I walk with Him every day. He talks to me, guides me and is a very real presence in my day to day life. Not like “God” but more like my father; my friend. He is in my heart and in my head. He is conversational, not only in prayer, but actually “with me” as I go about my day.

So what happens when I “take Him for granted” because yes I have, do, and the evidence is I will again? Do I beat myself, repent, and throw myself on His mercy? Yes. It is painful and yet…

I also am thankful, oh so very thankful, for a God who is my friend, my father (family), my “confidant” Redeemer Who I can be close enough too take for granted.

When He and I talk about this does He agree it’s a good thing? He did yesterday and He did today; if I get a different answer tomorrow I will let you know. Interestingly, He also allows me to remind myself, chastise myself, that He is God and is to be revered. It is amazing how when I correct myself, He let’s me. Good lesson in parenthood.

What do you think; is it a bad thing when you take God for granted?

Images of Innocence

I occasionally visit a mall near my office on days I want to have someplace temperate to take a walk and eat something that will leave me asking “why in the world would I, or anyone eat that” for the rest of the day. As important as those reasons may be there is something better at this mall; a carousel.img00236

The carousel itself is cool but more important are the riders. Little images of innocence who have no knowledge or worry in the world other than hanging on and enjoying the trip. It is great fun to watch and never fails to make me smile.

At the mall there are often other images of innocense; groups of handicaped people, young and old, who are on an outing. The apparent joy of their surroundings on many of their faces also makes me smile.

These two disparate images of innocence combine to get me thinking; there was a time when every person on earth, then and to come, had the opportunity at such innocence. Then there were two bites and our realities have all been much different.

This thought, at first very sober, then gets me smiling much like the images around me. Knowing Christ and my future in Him gives me hope and joy knowing that the innocence God always intended for our pleasure is available to every one of us.

Missions efficiency?

JD’s post has me thinking; what if we treated this as a great missions opportunity? Instead of, or better yet in addition too, spending the money to send missions to reach the lost in other cultures let’s instead find the future missionaries who have spent their money to come here.

How much impact could smart, mission minded people like Sarah have by partnering here at home with people from other cultures? Wouldn’t it be powerful if JD’s young Brazilian friend were to come to know Christ, develop a passion for the lost, and then with the help of an organization like One Green Bracelet, go back to reach the lost and train others?

I realize that there have been training centers in the US for just such a purpose where people from other cultures with a passion for Christ could come and train. But what about seeking out those who are already here and reaching them?

Not really my area of expertise but I wonder what people who have been on missions trips like PB & Shelley or Whitneylisle think of the idea?