Tactic of warfare: Captives told to claim torture

Are “public relations” or propaganda legitimate aspects of warfare? The United States military has units who specialize in this and who are covered under the laws governing armed conflict. Therefore it is reasonable to say that, yes, “public relations” or propaganda are legal components of warfare and as such an individual or organization which aids in the promotion of a “public relations” or propaganda campaign of an enemy can be prosecuted for providing aid or comfort. It is time for those in the media who are providing the medium of transmission for Al Qaeda’s propaganda campaign be detained for the duration of the conflict and then prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Lock up, for the duration, one or two editors and half a dozen so called journalist and the security of the United States will be immediately increased as the terrorist voice is constrained.

Captives told to claim torture – The Washington Times: Nation/Politics – May 31, 2005, courtesy of the ever vigilant The Center for Security Policy.

It is all about leadership!

Patrick Ruffini has a great post on why the Republicans seem so incompetent and he also offers a solution with “the President leading the way on the policy agenda.” While it may be natural for there to be some let down from the heady days of defeating Daschle and expanding the Republican majority, it is time to regain the momentum and start utilizing that majority. The bottom line is it is all about leadership which is sorrowfully lacking in the Republican controlled Senate.

Patrick Ruffini :: Congress for Dummies is an excellent read!

President Bush, please don’t engage in talks with a terrorist.

There are several issues where I disagree strongly with President Bush: Illegal immigration and proposed amnesty, Lack of aggressive REAL budget cuts, and engaging in talks with a terrorist even if that terrorist is a politically recognized figure. Strong stands against tyranny and terrorism work, and fifty years of appeasement of the so called Palestinians has plainly not worked for anyone except those who would see Israel and her population destroyed and would then focus their hatred on the United States. Stand against terror and those who harbor or support it Mr. President.

To learn more of who and what Mr. Abbas is view this video from The Center for Security Policy: Deceived.

A Bellandean! God, Country, Heritage: Bush Wrong on Palestinian Israeli Issue has additional links and comments which I encourage you to visit.

Tehran’s Terror Master

Patrick Devenny provides us a detailed look at the monsters we are facing around the world in the war on terror. It is important to remember that these people are the enemy of the entire free world and need to be hunted down. The fact that they hide behind a “political” organization, even if legitimized by some in the world, should not insulate them from being captured or killed. These people, and the governments that sponsor or harbor them, are our targets in the war on terror.

Thanks to The Center for Security Policy for providing this from FrontPage magazine.com :: Tehran’s Terror Master by Patrick Devenny.

Who bought Voinovich?

Voinovich sounds like someone speaking from coercion not from conviction. Has anyone looked into his rather strange behavior to see who is applying leverage on him and what that leverage is? This sounds like a very scared man who is saying things he does not believe but rather things he has to say.

Some very good questions are being asked at A Bellandean! God, Country, Heritage: What’s Wrong with Voinovich?.

North Korea to unstable for the US to continue recovery of U.S. soldiers

The story leaves unsaid the concern that North Korea cannot be trusted to allow our recovery teams to do their work in peace and return.

FOXNews.com – U.S. & World – U.S. Halts Efforts to Recover Remains of U.S. Soldiers From N. Korea

"Judeo-Christian values are much healthier for a society than Muslim values."

So says, and convincingly argues, Three Knockdown Rule. Controversial as this may be, if you read and think on this post you will likely agree, even if you do not want to admit it.

Comments from a CONSERVATIVE Republican candidate.

Thanks go to Dilley Blog for posting these comments from exactly what we are looking for: a CONSERVATIVE Republican candidate! To bad he is not running in Maine or Arizona.

"Nothing has been resolved."

“Nothing has been resolved” says OKIE on the LAM, except conservative Republicans know which Republican Senators need to be replaced. Conservatives also should now have no illusion to the vital importance of having strong conservative leaders. It is time for the conservative majority to take control of the “big tent.”

OKIE on the LAM is trademarked, I apologize for not being able to display the trademark symbol here.

McCain’s demise and the rise of conservatism.

Enough is enough. The heartbeat of the Republican party is conservative and this latest example of moderate Republicans thwarting the will of the base is going to finally provide conservatives the necessary momentum to get control of the leadership of the party.

A Bellandean! God, Country, Heritage has great commentary.