Comments from a CONSERVATIVE Republican candidate.

Thanks go to Dilley Blog for posting these comments from exactly what we are looking for: a CONSERVATIVE Republican candidate! To bad he is not running in Maine or Arizona.


"Nothing has been resolved."

“Nothing has been resolved” says OKIE on the LAM, except conservative Republicans know which Republican Senators need to be replaced. Conservatives also should now have no illusion to the vital importance of having strong conservative leaders. It is time for the conservative majority to take control of the “big tent.”

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McCain’s demise and the rise of conservatism.

Enough is enough. The heartbeat of the Republican party is conservative and this latest example of moderate Republicans thwarting the will of the base is going to finally provide conservatives the necessary momentum to get control of the leadership of the party.

A Bellandean! God, Country, Heritage has great commentary.

Is Venezuela anxious to join North Korea and Iran on the short list of problem countries?

As the Top of the World Turns reminds us that we live in a dangerous world and how we handle North Korea, Iran, Syria and others with WMD ambitions is critical. Libya after the liberation of Iraq is evidence that the world will watch and remember.

Democrats already breaking the compromise!

Democrat leadership, for the most part, voted against an up or down vote. This is the first of many examples to come of the treachery, yes I said treachery, of the left!

Thanks for the compromise Senator McCain and friends. With friends like this…

Drudge Report had this Senate Roll Vote on Filibuster Fight.

The Hedgehog Blog has the text of the memorandum.

Senator Frist: It’s "Follow me" not "Wait for me."

Senator Frist, closing the door on his presidential ambitions, was last seen on the floor of the senate saying “wait for me, wait for me.” The job of the Majority Leader is to lead not to be led and Senator Frist has not proven up to the task. The motto of a leader is “Follow me” and it is apparent that our Republican so called leaders have confused it with “Wait for me.” NRSC be on notice, not a dime unless you separate those who sold out from the rest of the Republican candidates.

Democratic Protests in Cuba

A huge swell of momentum for democracy? Perhaps not, but very encouraging to see and we wish the best for these brave people. The United States need to stand with them better than we did during the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

Thanks to Dilley Blog for this link and commentary.