I’m going on record now…

I’m going on record now, the Colorado Rockies are going to win the 2009 World Series.

I base this in part on the pitching rotation which, going into spring training, is stronger and deeper than ever. Add the coaching staff changes the Rockies made this off season and I predict great success.


With Spring Training only 90 days away…

With Spring Training only 90 days away Rockies fans, indeed any true baseball fan (National League is real baseball), must start to getting excited and the news of the Rockies coaching staff additions is very welcome indeed. The Rockies now have a formidable coaching staff with many years of Major League managerial experience. This bodes well for what continues to be a young, home grown, team and it also speaks well of the ownership and management team who have paid for this level of talent.

Did I mention that Spring Training is only 90 days away?