It’s all about the Constitution

In response to my post calling for Newt or (unwritten) someone more Conservative to guide, unify and champion the Conservative cause for Republicans came an interesting question from the author of Not Lost Just Wandering. “Given the chance, how would you change SOx?” in reference to the effort to Repeal Sarbanes-Oxley, a topic which I know little nothing about, so how to answer?

My first inclination was to ignore the question, not wanting to get bogged down in specifics. Since this seemed somehow unsatisfying, my next option was to find out what “SOx” was and how to fix it. Right!

With only these two options apparent I chose door number three, to attempt the WWJD (What would Jesus Do) type of all encompassing, but intellectually honest, guiding principle approach.

It’s all about the Constitution.

That’s it. What does the Constitution actually say, or not say, about the question at hand. If, as is most often the case, the Constitution is silent on the subject then the Federal Government has no roll. Since some former edition of the Federal Government probably got this wrong, then the object should be to effect change moving back in the direction of the Constitution.

As Hugh Hewitt and so many on the Right are gathering trying to figure out what went wrong, and more importantly, what type of person can lead us forward; I hope they will find people who hold the Constitution and it’s foundation as the guiding principles to governance.

Thanks Not Lost Just Wandering for asking the question.


Well it is about time that the RNC starts to figure out the answer to the slide they have been on since the Contract With America. Of course this would have been a good idea before throwing away the White House, the Senate and the House, but who knew?

Ok, but who else knew?