A walk in the neighborhood

Some days it is great to take a walk in the neighborhood and see what those around are talking about. It is interesting how little themes appear in what people are discussing.

Like JD being right where he is supposed to be while questioning it all the time, while Josh is going with the flow and The Hosh is enjoying life.

Around them, while I’m content to comment on other’s thoughts rather than put to much effort into my own, others are thinking and writing on a whole different level and depensing wisdom that must come from being a mother. From Sue’s “I’m talking about accepting ourselves at the very core of who we are” to Sarah’s “taking a deep breath & getting myself in the forgiveness mindset, rather than slipping into turtle mode & pulling into my protective shell” it seems they know what is happing in everyones life before it actually does. How they read other’s mail before it is written and have already posted about it always amazes me.

So, what is the point? None of us needs to be brilliant, just ourselves and none of us is alone. Like Lacey searching for her voice while speaking with such clarity, or like me just taking a walk in the neighborhood, we all benefit from the community we are walking in.

Some things move in unison

It’s interesting how some things move in unison, particularly in the workings of God’s Kingdom.

On my sight I have the RSS feed from One Green Bracelet and it had an update on “So you think you know Worldchild”. I thought I did but it was good to learn the background and real world impact they have.

Then via Judifree, as part of my “chasing rabbits” push (read earlier post), I was scanning Without Wax and find they are talking about the same shoe outreach that One Green Bracelet was running a video on.

I find it interesting how some things move in unison like this. It amazes me how I can listen to my pastor speak on what God is telling him and then through a blog, a friend, or listening to an online sermon find another pastor in another part of the country was giving the same message at the same time. Have you noticed this too?

UPDATE: I was informed that the ministries linked above support different shoe ministries. I assume one is a left shoe and one a right shoe and that this still supports my comment about things moving in unison. Could I be right?

Rabbit Caught Only 4 “blocks away”

In reference to an earlier post of mine, look at what I found only 4 “blocks away.” From The Hosh to Annette Budd and then John Andrews/BackboneAmerica over to Joshua Sharf who had this fun link about Hidden Springs Creamery.

Now you may ask “what’s the big deal, it’s a story about cheese.” Reasonable question. The answer; I like cheese and was encouraged by another example of small business America chasing the dream and thriving. Plus, I would never have found this if I hadn’t gone chasing rabbits.

Chasing Rabbits

Chris Brogan has an interesting and instructive post for those blogging to communicate as opposed to those who blog for themselves. I was prepared to move on when I asked myself, “when is the last time you chased rabbits?”

The blogroll on my site is there mostly because, as I visit them often, I got tired of searching for them or finding them through some previously blogrolled site. The Hedgehog Blog is a perfect example, being originally discovered at Hugh Hewitt. The challenge that I rediscovered in Chris Brogan’s post is that, because of time, lack of interest or laziness, I tend to get isolated in my blogroll.

Sure, I follow the post and click through to read what others found interesting enough to post about, but how often do I go “chasing rabbits” and start visiting the blogroll of others? Even more important, how many blogrolls away from home do I allow myself to go? I mean I might visit The Hosh and follow his blogroll to Annette Budd, but do I go beyond? Rarely. Why not? It’s as though as a kid I could play on my block or the next block, but two blocks away was a whole different world.

Thank you Chris Brogan, I am going to go “chasing rabbits” and venture at least one blogroll away from home, maybe even two, three or four. Who knows where this could end. If I get lost I will simply close the browser and start over.

When is the last time you chased rabbits? Did you catch any?

ORCC Bloggers Unite!

Liveblogging the ORCC Bloggers Unite group today. Attending this holiday weekend, (first Husker game!) are:

Overflow of the Heart
Elissa Budd
The River Blog
The Hosh

So far the discussion has been lively about how to incorporate Facebook feeds, linking to others, and having focused content that encourages readership, linking, and comments.

UPDATE: Who uses Livewriter? Facebook feeds appear to work with a hat tip to The Kevlar Beard.
UPDATE2: I was just informed this is also Labor Day weekend, not just the first Husker game. Who knew?