Missions efficiency?

JD’s post has me thinking; what if we treated this as a great missions opportunity? Instead of, or better yet in addition too, spending the money to send missions to reach the lost in other cultures let’s instead find the future missionaries who have spent their money to come here.

How much impact could smart, mission minded people like Sarah have by partnering here at home with people from other cultures? Wouldn’t it be powerful if JD’s young Brazilian friend were to come to know Christ, develop a passion for the lost, and then with the help of an organization like One Green Bracelet, go back to reach the lost and train others?

I realize that there have been training centers in the US for just such a purpose where people from other cultures with a passion for Christ could come and train. But what about seeking out those who are already here and reaching them?

Not really my area of expertise but I wonder what people who have been on missions trips like PB & Shelley or Whitneylisle think of the idea?

Why this excites me

I may not feel any call to go on a missions trip, and I don’t, but One Green Bracelet has me very excited because:

1) I can be involved just by leaving a comment or posting in my blog about it even while I’m in Las Vegas for a meeting.
2) I can be involved by giving and yes you can do that online here.
3) I am involved because my church is involved, so yes Judi, a church can “be growing, thriving, and global too!”

Live blogging Ethiopia

I am excited to read the posting from Ethiopia as World-Child takes it’s One Green Bracelet campaign overseas.

If you have not checked out One Green Bracelet yet, I encourage you to do so. The “reality” of the blogosphere meets the reality of spreading God’s word. Powerful stuff!