Beware the slippery slope of taxation.

This would be funnier if it wasn’t already so close to the truth.

Thank you Iain Murray for linking this at The Corner.

"Moving to a more conservative America"

“The history of the conservative movement offers us a clear way forward today: To renew, revitalize and relaunch the movement of Goldwater, Reagan and the Contract with America, we must concentrate our energies on all 511,000 elected offices in America, not just the presidency and Washington. We need a movement far beyond Washington. The oval office by itself is incapable of moving to a more conservative America.”

Thank you Newt for bringing vision and strength to a wavering, weak group of politicians; today’s Republicans.

Beyond the Presidency: Renewing, Revitalizing and Relaunching Conservative America

If you have to try to convince people you are conservative…

…you are not what we are looking for. Hopefully the NRI Conservative Summit produces the strong conservative candidate who can stand on principal, move the party securely back to the right, and take a message of strength into the campaign.

I suggest reading all the post from the summit.

The Corner on National Review Online

The NRSC Pledge

Not My Republican party.

My Republican party does not join with the draft dodging, anti-American, dope smoking, Commie Pinko Democrat party to harm America and make her weak!

Do not let YOUR Republican party slide back to the left.

The NRSC Pledge

The end of sovereignty.

It is sad when a proud and just nation loses it’s sense of sovereignty, and an important lesson for those who would remain great.


Nancy and Harry are not going to like this.

Thank you Mr. President for laying down the facts, and throwing down the gauntlet, before Nancy and Harry have the chance to start their spin. I think we can assume they will find little in the President’s remarks to agree with.