Oh for a coherent conservative American politician

Thank you Iain Murray for your post at The Corner. Now if we can just find one coherent conservative American politician to deliver the same message to President Obama, and more importantly to the whole country, perhaps, just perhaps we can be back on track towards a more positive future.


I’m disappointed in you Rush.

I can’t believe what I read from Rush Limbaugh this morning; Rush actually advocates caving in to liberal socialism, which is the Democrat party, and compromising on the obscene “stimulus” bill.

I’m disappointed in you Rush.

Up till now you have always called a commie a commie; taught millions of Americans to never compromise their principles and that moderates were simply people without conviction. And you have been right.

I can only hope you are once again simply pointing out the absurd with absurdity. President Obama will never go for your plan because it would concede the country to conservatism forever. As you point out, while for various reasons the majority in the country did vote for President Obama, a far larger majority oppose the liberal tax and spend approach to government when it is exposed plainly for them. If the Dems were to take your bait they would be acknowledging that while they can win elections they cannot win the the arena of ideas and ideals.

Come back to the right Rush, let us know we haven’t lost you to moderation.