So many things wrong with this…

There was a link on the MSN front page titled “How to tell if a charity deserves your money”. There are so many things wrong with this headline and the story behind it.

First of all, even if we overlook the key question I will ask shortly, shouldn’t the question more properly be “How do I tell if the charity administering the money is deserving?” Does this particular organization actually produce results, good results, with the money it attracts? The charity is not supposed to be the purpose for the money, but rather the charitable it is designed to help.

These seem to be more important questions, but not yet the most important. That would be, “How does this charity grow the kingdom?”

If you want to save Polar Bears, bully for you. If you want to champion the dumb friends league, great. Instruments for the public school band, don’t get me started. But in all these cases, is anyone being saved?

If you have the choice between saving a Polar Bear or saving a life what do you do? That seems fairly simple, at least to me, sorry bear. But what happens when the choice is a bear, a life or a soul?

If I believe as I think I believe, then what value is a world full of bears and lost souls to be eaten by them? Isn’t life eternal more important than the even the life, let alone the bear?

So again, shouldn’t the question when deciding what do do with charitable giving be “How does this charity grow the kingdom?”