Ha, Sean said "ubiquitous!"

When “ubiquitous” and “Suzapalooza” show up at the same place someone has to get double or triple comment points.

These would of course be like “Whose Line is it Anyway” points because they don’t count and you can have as many as you want, but still, “ubiquitous” and “Suzapalooza?” Go figure!

Can you short sell a college football program?

Can you short sell a college football program? If so I am all in, or is that all out?

Anyone who knows me is aware I am no Colorado football fan. Having said that; how can any school in the country think hiring someone with the record of Neuheisel is a good idea?

I hope Mr. Neuheisel has reformed. I hope for UCLA (and I am less fond of any California school than CU) that the evidence proves contraindicated and Mr. Neuheisel brings honor both on field and off, but come on. Neuheisel? This is like putting Bill Clinton in charge of improving the morality of your intern program!

Proof that “higher education” doesn’t mean much I guess.

Very curious to know what you think, let me know will you please?

Fastest sugar crash recipe!

Start with 2 pieces of pumpkin roll.
Savor the cream cheese filling.
Steal a piece of pumpkin roll off Josh’s plate while he is busy doing something un-important.
Act innocent, then surprised when confronted.
Finish the stolen piece of pumpkin roll.
Act indignant when the accusations continue.
Steal the other piece of pumpkin roll from Josh’s plate while he is busy with baseless accusations and is being overly dramatic.
Finish the stolen piece of pumpkin roll.
Wait about 4 minutes.
Major sugar crash.
Enjoy coffee and the sugar crash. Just go along with it. Totally worth it.

So what do we do with this?

1or2thoughts on this Gallup survey:

First, assuming this is correct how does the church engage the 82% and get them involved, meet their needs, and demonstrate God’s relevance in their lives?

Second, how do we get that 82% reaching out to the 11% here and the rest of the unknowing around the world.

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas break because it is time to get busy!

Thank you The Corner.

Things you don’t expect to find on a golf course.

Enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee this morning (thank you sweetheart) and the Golf Channel is on but I’m not really watching when in the background I see elephants. This gets my attention so I turn up the volume and hear “he’s hit dangerously close to the Crocodile River and that’s a place you don’t want to be.” Goes without saying.

It is the Alfred Dunhil Championship in South Africa. Beautiful course but I think I will stick with geese, coyotes, and the occasional deer and leave animals that may kill me to others. Guess I don’t enjoy golf enough.