…and I say I should pay less!

Warren Buffett says “I should pay pay more tax” and I say I should pay less. What is the difference? Mr. Buffett has the freedom to pay more at his leisure however there are laws preventing me from paying less.

What is not said in the story is that Mr. Buffett pays his employees more than he pays himself therefore they are taxed at a higher percentage of their income. It is called an Income Tax for a reason.

By the way; it was originally going to be called the “Confiscation of Your Money to Pay for Things You Would Never Pay for On Your Own Tax” but that was considered to long so they shortened it to Income Tax.

Thanks Drudge Report for the link to I should pay more tax, says US billionaire Warren Buffett | | Guardian Unlimited Business.

Yemen releases mastermind behind attack on USS Cole

The only logical interpretation is that Yemen as issued us a hunting license so let’s go get the SOB!

World Tribune — U.S. angered by release of mastermind behind attack on USS Cole

BlogWorld and New Media Expo

Join Me at Blog World Expo

I am looking forward to this experience!

What not to do: Rice taps Clinton, Carter for Middle East advice

Secretary of State Rice is looking to former Presidents Clinton and Carter for Middle East advice, presumably to learn what not to do. Like consulting the French on war strategy, there are certainly good lessons to learn. Listen closely, examine the records, then do the opposite and perhaps we will get somewhere positive.

Rice taps Clinton, Carter for Middle East advice | Reuters

Rockies vs Red Sox

Several important comments:

In real baseball pitchers bat.

Haircuts are available in Denver so the Red Sox should allow a little extra time when they arrive.

Go Rockies!

Colorado Rockies News

Sabotage in Wartime: Treason!

“It is hard to avoid the conclusion that this resolution is just the latest in a series of Congressional efforts to sabotage the conduct of that war.” Thomas Sowell should have specified these are Democrat Congressional efforts at sabotage. It is frightening to think that we all have neighbors and family members who support, by voting for Democrats, those who are treasonous in their actions and words.

Is it enough to hold only the elected Democrats in contempt or must our outrage extend to those who support them? Friend, co-worker, and neighbor are all culpable in what during time of war can only be considered treason.

Is it enough to stop at contempt for today’s Democrats or must action be taken? Obviously there must be political action to remove these, not just irresponsible, but dangerous politicians from power but that is not enough. With National Security at risk there should be legal and emergency actions taken against those who actively support our enemies! Free political speech is one thing, but treasonous action is another and should not be tolerated.

RealClearPolitics – Articles – Sabotage in Wartime:

4 Wins left!

Congratulations Rockies! What a fun team to watch, last night, last week, in April and spring training. As Todd Helton says “We kept battling. Now we’re celebrating.” Even when the results were not there early in the season this was a team that played like they loved the game.

4 wins left, go Rockies!

Navy SEAL to be awarded Medal of Honor

Another American hero will be awarded the Medal of Honor.

Navy SEAL to be awarded Medal of Honor

Eight wins to go!

Rockies to the League Championship Series. Eight wins to go!