Has anyone heard of the Monroe Doctrine?

Last time I looked, Venezuela was still in the Western Hemisphere. Get ready the Letters of Marque Mr. President, it is time for a blockade.

Russia Ignores U.S. Calls to Halt Sale of Aircraft

When did "Exit Strategy" become a part of war?

Robert Tracinski in RealClearPolitics seems to be on the same page as my previous post as does Charles Krauthammer here. Perhaps the best course of action would be to tell the professional military commanders what we want done, terrorist defeated around the world, and give them free reign to do it.

There are no "little league" wars.

Time limits and limits to the amount of damage that can be done may have a place in little league baseball but they have no place in the Major Leagues or in war. Perhaps we would have fewer, if more decisive, wars we stopped worrying about “collateral damage” and keeping conflict short. Instead we should play by the age old rules of warfare where you play until someone wins. No apologies. No returning to pre-victory boundaries. No neat and pretty surgical strikes. If it takes extra innings you keep playing. Ugly? Yes. That is what makes it something to avoid.

I think history will look back at these “little league” wars as unhealthy aberrations, which resolved nothing. War is as Major League as it gets. Play it to win.

Drudge has the story from the Guardian Unlimited.

"We should be openly calling for regime change"

Michael Ledeen at The Corner on National Review Online has perhaps the most concise summary of what the United States, and indeed the free world, should be seeking as Israel again fights for her survival:

“In another week or so the ‘international community’ (the appeasers and ‘stability’ mavens) will force Israel to stop. At that moment, we should want Hizbollah destroyed in both Lebanon and Syria, Assad under attack from his own people for playing this awful game, and Khamenei humiliated as the artefice of a failed operation. We should be openly calling for regime change in Damascus and Tehran, on the grounds that the civilized world cannot any longer tolerate tyrannical murderers”

"This is not Bush’s war!"

Enough said.

prying1: Regarding the Blasts in India and the Events in Israel.

Summary executions, oh my!

Ramesh Ponnuru and Mark Shea seem to be concerned about “the killing of enemy combatants who are in the process of surrendering or in prisons” talked about by Michael Ledeen. I would also be concerned if this happened either before determining the potential intelligence value of, or, if after wasting the effort of taking those without value into captivity. Summary executions, fully in keeping with the Geneva Conventions for enemy combatants, should occur promptly in the theater of operations. Those held for their intelligence value should be, again in keeping with the Geneva Conventions, be held for the duration of the conflict or until their execution upon the end of their usefulness.

The Corner on National Review Online has the comments and link.

Why is every race a "test case for the GOP?"

Why is every race a “test case for the GOP?” They last I checked, the GOP controlled 28 of our 50 State Governorships, the House, Senate and the Presidency. It strikes me odd then to continually see every race labeled a “test case for the GOP?” The GOP has proven, and continues to prove, itself as the party aligned with the majority of Americans. The Democrats are those lacking traction with the American people and needing to prove they can win elections.

A “test case for the GOP?” No. It is the Democrats who need to prove they can hold onto a Democrat seat, in a shrinkingly Democrat state, or continue their slide out of touch with the American people.

Thanks to Real Clear Politics for linking this from David S. Broder.

North Korea missile aimed toward Hawaii

If this is true it is an act of war and the United States has an obligation to act. While there is no responsibility to corroborate the information with our allies we may choose to, and then we must take action.

N. Korea missile aimed at area off Hawaii – report courtesy of Drudge Report.

Had they only sold this to the NY Times

Had they only sold this to the NY Times to publish there would be no issues here.

Drudge Report has this from Yahoo! News.