Spoiled children!

With all the attention focused on Iran’s WMD program, it was only a matter of time before Kim Jong Il started making noise like spoiled child yelling “look at me, look at me.” It is time the leaders of both countries get the spanking they have coming to them.

My Way News has the story.

Is this a religious war after all?

Political leaders, President Bush included, have often stated that the war on terror is not a religious war. That attacks against America, Israel, and the rest of the “western world” are acts of evil men not acts of a religion may be partially correct, while missing the fact that the targets of these attacks are predominately Christian or Jewish societies. In prosecuting the war on terror the United States is not attacking any religion but that does not mean that those of other religions are not attacking the west for religious and spiritually guided reasons.

The following illustrate that Christians and Jews are the targets of warfare around the world and until there is reformation or salvation this is indeed a religious war.

The Hedgehog Blog: We Can Dream, Can’t We?

Pastor Brian Zahnd

As goes Libya…

I have been so busy lately that I was unaware that Libya was under siege. This is a potentially important story in that if the Libyan people are ready to revolt, how much more so those in Iran might be. If this story is accurate it illustrates how on edge people living under totalitarian regimes are and how little it can take to set them off.

Very import read over at The Corner on National Review Online.

Racing: Can I go again please?

I had the exhilarating experience of 3 laps on the road track at the Texas Motor Speedway this weekend thanks to a corporate event I attended. Having never done something like this before I had no idea it would be so much fun. If taking corners at 60 mph plus and topping out around 120 sounds fun to you, check out Texas Driving Experience on your next visit to the Dallas area. I highly recommend it.

What happened to protecting US strategic interest?

“How would you feel if, in the aftermath of 9/11, the U.S. government had decided to contract out airport security to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the country where most of the operational planning and financing of the attacks occurred?” So begins the alarm call being sounded by The Center for Security Policy over plans to turn over the management of six of the Nation’s most important ports to a company controlled by a foreign power.

To this add Presidents Carter and Clinton ceding control of the United States built Panama Canal to a Chinese controlled company and an unwillingness to develop domestic oil reserves and you have to ask “What happened to protecting US strategic interest?” In a time of global war against an unconventional enemy it only seems prudent to jealously, even violently, guard any and all points of strategic interest.

Must watch, must read.

After watching Tom Clancy’s The Sum of All Fears, flawed though it was, I was struck by the necessity of every American seeing this movie. Understanding the horror of WMD in the hands of those WHO ARE TRYING TO GET THEM is critical to realizing the severity, and immediacy, of the threat we face today.

After watching the movie I recommend reading the book which presciently focuses on the very people and countries who are eager to visit disaster upon the United States.

Rude, disgraceful and without honor.

If it were not for the quotes I would never imagine anyone, let alone a former President, having so little honor and respect. Absolutely sickening.


UPDATE: I am not the only family member outraged. Visit The Hosh for a younger, better written, perspective.

Now for the important news

Colorado pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training on Feb. 17 and have their first workout on Feb. 18. The rest of the position players report Feb. 22, and the first full-squad workout is Feb. 24.

Colorado Rockies : News : Colorado Rockies News

Only Illegal Immigration needs to be restricted.

In a post today at The Corner, John Podhoretz said that he has “great difficulty supporting a blanket policy of immigration restriction.” It is important remember that there is little argument for additional restrictions on immigration, only a crack down on illegal immigration and an enforcement of present immigration law. Those in favor of controlling the border must not let poor choice of language deflect the argument into one where we are “anti immigration.” All most of us want is to enforce the immigration policy that is already on the books.