Steele owes me an apology, not Rush.

Michael Steele does not owe Rush Limbaugh an apology, even though he was foolish and indiscreet in his comments. Mr. Steele does however owe me an apology for pretending to represent me and then demonstrating that he doesn’t get it at all.

As the leader, apparently administrative leader only, of the RNC, Mr. Steele’s casual dismissal of Rush is an overt display of what is wrong with our party, and why it has become difficult to support the RNC. What Mr. Steele and other Republicans don’t understand is that Rush Limbaugh says the things that many conservatives are thinking and only wish we could voice so well. We don’t listen to Rush to learn what to think, although we often are enlightened. We listen to Rush because he thinks and speaks like we do.

When the RNC decides they want Republicans to win again they and their candidates will sound much more like Mr. Limbaugh, and indeed like the average American, than they can apparently realize now. Until they understand that I’m afraid we will continue to feel abandoned.

Thanks Mark Steyn at The Corner for getting it.