Must read on who hates America and why!

Victor Davis Hanson has a great piece discussing who hates America and why. It is very telling that the reasons America is hated in so many places are the very reasons we are appreciated by so many more. If you oppress your people, you want them to know nothing of the freedom and prosperity available in a democratic society.

Release The Hounds! has the story.


More on The Israeli Withdrawal from Gaza Settlements

“Palestinians are already portraying the Israeli withdrawal as a Palestinian military triumph, proving the efficacy of violent resistance to Israel.”

As in any conflict, geopolitical or over judicial confirmation, when the strong hand is played or even threatened seriously the weaker sides seeks to compromise. It is amazing how wishy-washy people refuse to see this, and how easy it is for otherwise mature leaders to fall into the trap of “let’s just get along and be friends.” The Teddy Roosevelt method proves the most effective: Speak softly and carry a big stick. Notice that he did not say anything about giving ground to appease the other side.

Very good post over at The Hedgehog Blog.

American Border Secrets

Daniel Pipes has a very informative article regarding border security which lead to 1or2thoughts on the subject. If we can control the border effectively where we choose, why are we not doing so at all points of the border? Similarly if we can select when, why not all the time? Perhaps the most important question is who is making the decision of when, where and how to enforce our border security?

This is a very good article at FrontPage by Daniel Pipes showing that the border is controllable if we choose.

President Bush was very good if not very conservative.

Means based benefits for Social Security? While this probably will help get something done, it also means that your money and mine will be confiscated and redistributed without our involvement. Very socialist.

FDR could only have dreamed of accomplishing this.

A Compromise of Genius? Just get it done!

Power Line has a good post on Senator Frist’s, hopefully last, offer of compromise to the Democrats. Good questions are asked as to Democrats likelihood of compromise or taking a suicidal stand. Curious to think of what the odds makers in Las Vegas would do with this.

Firing up the dragon.

That China is being provocative and aggressive towards it’s neighbors is impossible to deny. Now the Chinese are being manipulated into a nationalistic frenzy. Question is, why now? Is this just the traditional Communist ploy of sponsoring instability for their own gain or is China actually looking for an opening to make a move against either Taiwan, Japan or both?

Courtesy of the ever vigilant Center for Security Policy is this Weekly Standard piece.

Prager Coming to Denver for Irael Awareness Day

A great opportunity for Christians to learn more of the role Israel plays in our lives and why we are called to support her.

Dilley Blog has the information.