As soon as the food is on your plate, it is wasted…

According to Judifree:  

“You do NOT have to eat all of the food on your plate.
It is not wasteful.
There is no guilt.
Here’s why: as soon as the food is prepared and on your plate, it is wasted.”

By extension if one drives an SUV instead of a Hybrid, the gas is all ready “wasted.” Incandescent or fluorescent? The electricity is already generated. Don’t get me started on plastic, paper or cloth at the grocery store…

The real key perhaps is that in so many areas of our lives our preconceived ideas, our “traditions,” our theories, while they have gotten us to where we are now, can and should be examined to see if they are going to get us where we want to go.

Thanks Judi for giving me 1or2thoughts.

One Response

  1. Interesting take on my post. I’m going to have to “chew” on that for a while. Thanks!

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