Is CU President Betsy Hoffman part of the problem?

CU at the very least has an image problem. From sex scandals in the football program to out of control radicals with questionable credentials on faculty. CU President Hoffman must eventually demonstrate that she can responsibly manage and lead. If President Hoffman is not able to demonstrate control over this institution, one wonders how much longer she should stay.

“It’s really too bad that the University of Colorado is being held hostage by Ward Churchill.” So writes ClayCalhoun, after a Colorado House Republican Leadership Caucus meeting which focus on CU. CU President Elizabeth Hoffman was in attendance and was concerned about the effect firing Churchill would have on “attracting and retaining other faculty.” Other radicals who might be upset with Churchill’s departure are not your concern, though they should be. It is time for President Hoffman to deal with this “hostage” situation and lead this institution or step down so someone else can.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for all of the links!

  2. Is CU President Betsy Hoffman part of the problem?

    Yes. Absolutely.

    And as Jack Warner of Warner Bros. once said:

    The fish stinks from the head.

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