What’s different?

Alright, it’s a new year and now everything is going to be different, right? I mean everything is going to be different because it’s a new year, right? I mean…

It is not a new year that will make things different in your life, in my life.,it is however the things we do different that will be different. Two important take aways from this 1or2thoughts of self awareness; it’s the different that will be different and just because you do something different does not mean your life is different.

Example; Sue and I went snowshoeing Saturday, and we had a great time. So does this mean I am now a winter activity enthusiast? No longer slightly, or more, overweight? That now I am in shape and will no longer huff and puff at 10,000 feet when I try to tie my shoes?


It means I did something different and had a great time doing it. Could it mean those other things? Sure, if I went snowshoeing everyday, at 10,000 feet, for the next 3-20 weeks and managed to change my diet. Oh, and learned to like being cold.

So what is the lesson for myself here? Enjoy life. Seek out and enjoy doing something different because you want to and can, not just because it is different. Enjoy life as it is, because it is there for you to make the most of; you might as well enjoy it.

So go do something different and enjoy it, just don’t make something of it you shouldn’t. Different just means different until and unless it is a change.

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