What makes church “church?”

Very interesting post over at bright and beautiful; challenging, disapointing and yet strangly encouraging all at the same time. Take a minute to read it and then continue:

Observation: When growing up Methodist, church was something we did. In fact, church was something we did all the time. Our friends were church friends. Our church social group went to lake, the adults drank beer, and everyone water skied. I think we ate some type of pot luck, sloppy joes, or chili feed at church at least twice a month. My point; church was about community. 

Then I grew up, got saved and something changed. I wanted to be spiritualy fed and challenged. I have been to many, many churches over the past 25 years since leaving that Methodist church. Many I have loved for a period of time, some I tolerated, and some I ended up trying to figure out what I ever saw in them. Each one taught me something and yet it seemed each one left me wanting more, wanting the church to be better or offer me something different.

Question 1: Is it possible that in my desire for church to be something specific and in the interest of spiritual hunger, I missed the very thing that made, and makes, church “church?”

Question 2: Am I off course wanting church to be something or offer something to me instead of accepting church as it is and for what it is?

Question 3: Have we let church stop being about community?

What makes church “church” to you?

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  1. Interesting questions. Maybe I could throw in another to consideration:
    could our desire for the church to be “more” reflect Jesus’ desire for His bride to be truly who He has designed her to be? I have this idea, from time to time, that our desires, if translated without the flesh prism, are echoes of what Jesus desires – Ps 37:4

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