USS Truman En Route to U.S. Gulf Coast

“Truman will serve as a command and control platform for hurricane relief operations, as well as provide a rotary wing forward operating sea base, provide carrier onboard delivery (COD) service and provide additional medical support, in addition to supporting the refueling of dozens of military aircraft flying in the area.”

“We will be a forward floating support base, running relief articles into any area required. We will also serve as a refueling point for the large number of Navy and Army helicopters operating in the area,” said Truman Commanding Officer Capt. James P. Gigliotti.”

Help on a massive scale is on the way. The USS Truman will add her massive flight deck, supply and command and control capabilities to that of the six amphibious ships also soon to be on station. Supporting these efforts are seven supply and refueling ships giving the US Navy the ability to sustaiindefinitelyly these support operations. All this support is just from the US Navy and Marines. Add to this the US Airforce, US Army and the National Guard and the southern United States will be seeing the US Military in numbers not seen since the massive mobilization operations as the military tried to prepare for World War II.

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