Rugged individualism or collective liberalism, the choice appears clear.

“The big lesson of September 11th, in fact, is in the end, the more the people are self-reliant, and take control for themselves, the more they’re likely to be able to withstand these things. If you entrust yourself to the government, then you will be vulnerable. The people who had reviled SUV’s, that the environmental want to get rid of and want to ban, they were able to drive away from the city. The people who were dependent on public transit, and did what the government did, and went into this appalling situation in the Superdome, they’re the ones that have been failed by their governments. It’s not a federal government issue. You know, the lesson of September 11th is that the president of the United States, when something bad goes wrong, the president of the United States won’t be there, either up in the airplane, or down in the swamp to save you. All he can do is hold a photo-op afterwards, which is what Jack Cafferty was urging him to do, you know, to fly down there the day afterwards. That’s pointless. You’ve got to have a situation where people are encouraged to be self-reliant, and exercise responsible choices themselves.”

Mark Steyn on Hugh Hewitt today.

Thanks again to Radio Blogger for the transcript.

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