Only in California

Three conversations (I hope) you can hear only in California:

Conversation 1: Q: What do you do that allows you to order a grower of beer today (Tuesday) to drink while “floating in your pool tomorrow”?
A: I took a full pension at 40 years old. Seemed silly to keep working when every 10 hours worked would only add $30 per week to my pension so I took the pension a couple months ago. I’ve been taking a few odd jobs, hanging around relaxing, trying to decide if I should do something else.
Q: So, what are you going to do?
A: My daughter is 25 and been in Junior College for free for 5 years and wants to know if I will be able to pay for her “full college” if she decides to go? I told her she should have asked me before I took my pension.
1or2thoughts: So much wrong, where to start?

Conversation 2: “I don’t do pyrotechnics anymore.The last time I did pyrotechnics I blew MJ’s face off, so, I don’t do pyrotechnics anymore.”
1or2thougths: It goes without saying.

Conversation 3: 35-45 something: “You know I don’t have transportation anymore.?!”
Older something: “Oh?”
35-45 worthless” “Well my dad gave me this VW Rabbit, Diesel right? Anyway I’m out about 3 in the morning and, well, it just starting sputtering and spewing smoke and all…” Oil in the water and water in the oil, you know? So, anyway…”

Yep, I am liking California more and more as I spend time out here; go figure!

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