What is the purpose of your message?

Speaking about a Joel Osteen and his message, Mark of Denver in Translation say’s “It’s not a heretical message, it’s just not a powerful one.” I have to question this one, not the heretical part which is silly to me, but the “it’s just not a powerful one” part.

A ministry reaching beyond his immediate church; beyond those who closely share his beliefs; reaching out to the mainstream and beyond; reaching those who might not receive a less “heretical” message; seems pretty powerful to me.

Now, if you want question the spiritual depth of Joel Osteen’s television or book ministries that may be a case where you could say “it’s just not a powerful one.” But this leads to the question “what is the purpose of the message?”

If Mr. Osteen is trying to provide deep spiritual or biblical insight I am not sure he is on target. If on the other hand he is trying to pastor to believers; reach those who are ready, willing and wanting to believe; or reach people who will never step foot into a church, I have to think Joel Osteen is right on target.

What is the purpose of your message, to speak or be heard?

2 Responses

  1. “What is the purpose of your message, to speak or be hard?”

    neither. It’s to be lived.

  2. I think I can agree with you here, Mark. I like Joel Osteen. I think he does great things. I can’t fault him for the amount of people that he reaches. He’s a very Godly man, and extremely charismatic. My point is more about the fact that sooner or later people will need some real spiritual depth. Can Osteen provide that? Probably. Is he currently providing that? I’m not sure.

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