What is the deal with Easter?

While planning a business trip for next spring I was surprised to find the proposed date was in fact Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009. What is the deal with Easter? Who decided it could be whenever that who wants it to be?

I mean, everyone knows everyone married better know that Valentine’s Day is in February, in fact February 14th. Every year. Not sometimes the middle of February and other times the end of January. It has the honor of it’s own day in the year, every year.

That’s right, the made up for marketing purposes (but a great day to celebrate love if your reading this sweetheart) Valentine’s Day has it’s own day while Easter, the most important occurrence to Christians, indeed the day we celebrate what enables Christians to be Christian, occurs “sometime in the spring.”

This does not make sense, but what to do about it? Do you know why Easter is going to be on April 12, 2009?

4 Responses

  1. Ridiculous. Your indignation is warranted.

  2. Thanks for the link to my site. Here’s another page from that site with information on why the date of Easter changes every year and how the date of Easter is calculated:


    Scott P. Richert
    About.com Guide to Catholicism

  3. I think next year I’d like to have my birthday in June. Just to see what it’s like… I mean, if other holidays can have fluidity, can’t y personal holiday have some? Maybe I’ll even have it twice (but one will be a negative birthday so that I can repeat being 18. I’d like that).

  4. you could be orthodox – that gets quite tricky. thx for helping tonight!

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