Chasing Rabbits

Chris Brogan has an interesting and instructive post for those blogging to communicate as opposed to those who blog for themselves. I was prepared to move on when I asked myself, “when is the last time you chased rabbits?”

The blogroll on my site is there mostly because, as I visit them often, I got tired of searching for them or finding them through some previously blogrolled site. The Hedgehog Blog is a perfect example, being originally discovered at Hugh Hewitt. The challenge that I rediscovered in Chris Brogan’s post is that, because of time, lack of interest or laziness, I tend to get isolated in my blogroll.

Sure, I follow the post and click through to read what others found interesting enough to post about, but how often do I go “chasing rabbits” and start visiting the blogroll of others? Even more important, how many blogrolls away from home do I allow myself to go? I mean I might visit The Hosh and follow his blogroll to Annette Budd, but do I go beyond? Rarely. Why not? It’s as though as a kid I could play on my block or the next block, but two blocks away was a whole different world.

Thank you Chris Brogan, I am going to go “chasing rabbits” and venture at least one blogroll away from home, maybe even two, three or four. Who knows where this could end. If I get lost I will simply close the browser and start over.

When is the last time you chased rabbits? Did you catch any?

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  1. […] Now you may ask “what’s the big deal, it’s a story about cheese.” Reasonable question. The answer; I like cheese and was encouraged by another example of small business America chasing the dream and thriving. Plus, I would never have found this if I hadn’t gone chasing rabbits. […]

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