Well it is about time that the RNC starts to figure out the answer to the slide they have been on since the Contract With America. Of course this would have been a good idea before throwing away the White House, the Senate and the House, but who knew?

Ok, but who else knew?

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  1. Given the chance, how would you change SOx?
    I’m not sure I can speak to the effect on large corporations, but I’ve certainly seen the effects that the article referred to on small companies (less than $1 billion in rev) staying private or merging. In an effort to create diversification capability, the company I worked for in CA. merged with our largest manufacturer of bulk tablets and capsules and stayed private. The 4 owners wanted to sell and retire but even then were unable to find a buyer, largely due to the new regulations… (or so I hear). Maybe they just stunk at their jobs and didn’t want to tell anyone. They really didn’t ask my opinion… It was a family business and it all gets a bit messy there. Did I just sound sorta smart? Because that was totally my goal. I don’t even know if I said anything 🙂 Just kidding. Kinda.

    On another note…. I really like that Newt’s slogan is “Real Change takes Real Change”. Thought provoking. Especially after a post about poking fat, naked people.

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