Confident peace

I think Sue echoes an important set of life lessons for every Christian that Pastor Reece brought out in his powerful message Sunday.

“To survive the wilderness, you must get your eyes off the circumstances and onto God.”

It is so easy to let distractions and very real life circumstances keep us from the real peace of God’s will. When we focus on what God would have us do, take time to hear God’s voice and accept His grace in our lives, we can have confident peace in the midst of every real, but temporary, challenge we may be facing.

3 Responses

  1. agreed. need peace, need focus

  2. Thank you for this post, Mark. Not only did you catch my heart of how God has worked in my life and how I can look back and see His grace in every step, but you also added a whole other dimension with understanding peace while you go through those times. I am speaking to the Remnant kids tomorrow and I am definitely going to quote you, sir. If I may have your permission, that is.

  3. 1)Absolutely.
    2)It’s out there, use it.
    3)I refer you to Mark Thomas

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