Apply this to life, apply this to love.

People sometimes comment on how Sue and I have been married for as long as we have and still love each other, and even are best friends. One thing I learned very early is that being married, being “in love,” has nothing to do with how you feel at the moment, good or bad. It has everything to do with who you are, the commitments and decisions you make and what you do.

 Just as Josh is applying this lesson to his life; so each of us can apply it to the areas of “real importance” in ours. In God, in love, in life, decide what is important, commit to it, make it who you are and what you do

One more thing for the guys out there; don’t “ever get tired of kissing a pretty girl.” I know I haven’t.

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  1. Dad! On a roll lately! I love you guys so much.

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