The distraction of “thinking about it all.”

“Bitterness drives me away from God’s presence. It creates an odd addiction. An addiction to self. An addiction to thinking about it all. It does absolutely nothing for my pursuit of Christ.”

“Addiction to self…to thinking about it all” is very descriptive of the confusion I see so many people engage in when they try to rationalize a position which, logically and/or Godly, they know is wrong or which they cannot reconcile. So often in life, in politics, in religion, we spend most or all of our time discussing non-issues, or if not non-issues, then issues which are not terribly important in the end.

In any discussion it is important to focus on the what is really important but particularly when it comes to issues contributing to, or distracting one from, your “pursuit of Christ.” It is also important to always remember that there is right and wrong, that everyone is entitled to their opinion, that entitlement to an opinion does not suggest that opinion is right or that anyone else needs to give it the time of day.

UPDATE: Points 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 are good advice.

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