Take it up

There seems to be a common theme between Whitney and Ellissa. This is interesting in light of the many changes I see others dealing with, and change of course is challenging and stressful.

The common theme in all of this reminds me of Elisha, who when Elijah was carried up, did not go back to the beginning and did not say to himself “I have nothing.”  Instead he took up from where Elijah left off, he used what was before him, and kept going.

Wherever you are in life, whatever challenges you face, what you feel you lack or are weak in; know that you can choose that point, that very point you are in now, as your starting point to move forward. You do not have to go back to the beginning. You do not have to create everything over again for yourself. You do not have to give up any ground that is already won. Build on what is already there and take it up to a whole new level that is uniquely yours.

UPDATE: Watch This!

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