Oh, I’m in!

Rich Kirkpatrick asks if today’s church is “in” for using modern communication tools to connect and reach people. It is a good post and one greatly on my thoughts when I think about Cityprayer and trying to connect with other Christians here in Denver.

With this being missions month I also know that the web can be a great resource for connecting missionaries with the unchurched and also with those who will support them.

Thanks Rich for a good post. Thank’s Hosh for leading me to Rich.


“Moved by things outside of myself.”

“I never want to live my life solely in my own personal sphere. Sadly, too many others do! I want to live a life “moved” by things outside of myself. It is then that I am fully motivated to do what I am created to do.”

Jimmy Lakey say’s so well why Saturday evening is such a great opportunity. Meet, greet, encourage and be motivated.

I know where I will be Saturday night!

There are some exciting things taking place both at ORCC and online around ORCC! I find the new Missions at ORCC blog interesting as I think about the power of connecting with missionaries and Christians around the world.

I intend to take advantage of the opportunity to meet some of these champions of faith over the next several weeks:
Saturdays, April 5, 12, and 19:
5:30p—Meet Your Missionaries Potlucks in the Fellowship Hall.
Meet your ORCC Missionaries and hear what God is doing through their ministries around the world.

It’s a potluck so perhaps Judi can bring sandwiches! Hope to see you there!

Why blog? Why not?

“My main question with blogging was simple, “Who in the world would want to read about what is going on in my life?”” The answer to Pastor Ben’s specific question may be “no one.” The bigger question is “why blog” to which I say “why not?”

Be In But Not Of. Everyone 15-25 years old, or wanting to influence or lead them, should read this book!

Choose relevance and connection.

Other than putting yourself, or your family, “out there” a little what does it cost you>?

What a great way to reach out and create community!

Why blog? Why not?

Rockies Win!

Rockies Win!