I may be able to get behind McCain!

“It is a grave and dangerous mistake for an American leader to meet with a terrorist organization like Hamas. Engaged in a campaign that deliberately targets innocent Israeli civilians, Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. President Carter is wrong to meet with Hamas, a terrorist group that has also killed innocent Americans.”

With “straight talk” like this I may be able to get behind McCain! Thank you David Freddoso at The Corner for the post.

3 Responses

  1. off the subject…where do you take Sue for a date??

  2. Mark – I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this subject in general. It is something that I really toss around in my head and I don’t feel like I have any resolution. There are talks about how we as Christians need to protect Israel (with some scriptural backing of that talk), yet it seems like both sides of the conflict are in the wrong at points, and innocent people die as a result. Even on a larger picture, I don’t get why God commanded the people of Israel to take out entire races in the Old Testament. This means that women and children were murdered because of the ethnicity they were born into. How does that translate to “God is Love”?

    I don’t mean to be controversial, it is just something I struggle with, and I figured you would have some good insight. Do you think maybe it’s just what needed to happen to prepare the way for Jesus? If so, why is it still going on today? Etc. etc.

    Thanks in advance for the response.

    -Josh Mickelson

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