No more "evasive maneuvering."

“U.S. Navy ships USS Port Royal (CG 73), USS Hopper (DDG 70) and USS Ingraham (FFG 61) were steaming in formation at approximately 8 a.m. as they finished a routine Strait of Hormuz transit when five boats, suspected to be from the Islamic Republic of Iran Revolutionary Guard Navy (IRGCN), maneuvered aggressively in close proximity of the Hopper. Following standard procedure, Hopper issued warnings, attempted to establish communications with the small boats and conducted evasive maneuvering.”


First: The US Navy should never exercise “evasive maneuvering.” The only maneuvering should be into a better firing position.

Second: The US Navy should not act diplomatically with the enemies of the United States. The only thing these people understand is the aggressive use of force. Exercise it!

Third: If the Rules of Engagement were followed, they need to be changed.

Last: Next time this better include the line “and all five hostile boats were promptly sunk by naval gunfire.”

Three U.S. Navy Ships Approached by Iranian Boats

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