Beware the Blog Police!

Back from Blog World Expo and I think I lost the Blog Police somewhere between the Las Vegas Convention center and Denver.

The Blog Police you ask? Yes the Blog Police. They are real, they are everywhere and they are watching even now! Apparently, I may be guilty of the following violations:

1) I have advertising on my site.
2) I did not live blog Blog World Expo.
3) I do not blog hourly.
4) I do not blog daily.
5) I seem to agree with BlogWorld Expo – The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly point 7.
6) I use spell check occasionally (the rest of the time I leave things mispleled.)
7) I thought blogging was simply another way of communicating with people not a near mystical and sacred art.

Overall an interesting show where I learned a few things,met some very good people such as Jeremiah Owyang, Avinash Kaushik,
Chris Brogan and Scott Allen and most importantly I am satisfied this is a valuable means of communication.

Thank you Seeds of Growth for a post that seemed to summarize much of my experience as well.

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