At least there are a few serious people left.

It was so encouraging to see evidence at Hugh Hewitt this morning that there are at least a few serious people left. After the delusional remarks by Mr. Gates who appears poised to be our Defense Secretary, and the “if not for the Jews, those who are pledged to kill us could clear all this up” fantasy of the ISO report I was fearful that pacifism at any cost had become epidemic.

A glimmer of hope returned this morning when I read the letter from James Woolsey and Senator Jon Kyl which includes:

“In particular, members of our Council on both sides of the aisle strongly disagree with what is, arguably, the Baker-Hamilton commission’s most strategically portentous recommendation:

“The United States should immediately launch a New Diplomatic Offensive to build an international consensus for stability in Iraq and the region…Iraq’s neighbors and key states in and outside the region should form a support group to reinforce security and national reconciliation within Iraq, neither of which Iraq can achieve on its own. Given the ability of Iran and Syria to influence events within Iraq and their interest in avoiding chaos in Iraq, the United States should try to engage them constructively.”

As the ISG’s own report documents, far from being proponents of stability, the Islamic Republic of Iran and its de facto colony, Syria, have gone to great lengths to destabilize the Middle East and, in particular, to prevent Iraq from becoming a free, democratic and peaceful nation.”

Thank you Senator Kyl and former Director Woolsey for taking issue with the ISG and standing up for the security of our nation.

Thanks go out to The Center for Security Policy and Frank Gaffney for thinking critically about the security and defense of our country.

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