NYT loses in SCOTUS again

I heard nothing of this ruling, so am pleased that the way is clear to prosecute the NYT and it’s reporters for treason, espionage, obstruction of justice and interfering with a law enforcement officer in the execution of their duty. Unforunately they will probably not be prosecuted at all, but they certainly should be.

In fact this case is much worse than had been understood before. Not only did Philip Shenon and Judith Miller and the NYT commit treason in publishing secret information, they went further and “on the eve of each of the government’s actions, called each foundation for comment on the upcoming government freeze and/or searches.” It is criminal to publish secret information, while inexcusably rarely prosecuted, but this is clearly an example of providing information to our enemies directly.

Now that SCOTUS has affirmed the governments right to prosecute it is time for Attorney General Gonzales to act.

Thanks to Okie on the LAM for linking this from BeldarBlog.

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