Exposing the myths in the illegal immigration discussion.

In the ongoing arguments over illegal immigration and what to do about it there are a number of myths or assumptions which need to be exposed. Each of these myths are seldom talked about and they are key points which should not be conceded.

1) Illegal workers fill jobs that otherwise will not get done or will be to expensive for the employer. If all employers played from a level field where it was prohibitively expensive, perhaps even put the employer and their business at risk, if they hired illegal workers then market forces will be re-introduced. Presently there is an artificial labor market where legal workers are having their wages held low by the pressure of an illegal labor force willing to work for less. This also stifles innovation in the market place. If only legal workers were employed, employers will either pay the rates necessary to get the job done or they will find ways to automate those task.
2) We have to create a legal way for people to get here. This already exist in the form of present immigration quotas which are designed to manage the rate of entry and diversify those wanting to come here.
3) Those here illegally just want a better life. The United States it the most generous country and people on earth and we have always reached out to help less fortunate countries and people improve their situation. That does not make it incumbent on us to take those people in. It also does a disservice to those countries from which these people leave. If it is that bad they need to stay there or go back there and fight to improve their country.
4) We can’t send 11 million illegal immigrants back. We sent men to the moon. We fought global war against both Germany and Japan. We built the Panama Canal. We are the greatest democracy in the history of man. To suggest that something cannot be done is empty, all it takes is the will to act.
5) If your against illegal immigration you are a racist. The key to this discussion is the word illegal. I do not believe anyone is suggesting we should eliminate the existing immigration quotas. People are suggesting that we should enforce those quotas. To suggest that makes someone a racist is inflamatory and breaks down communication.
6) It is peoples right to come here. The United States of America is a sovereign nation whose citizens have rights and determine our laws. Non-citizens have none of the rights of citizenship, only basic human rights, and there is nothing to prevent us from enforcing our laws.

For additional reading on the subject I recommend The Hedgehog Blog, RealClearPolitics and The Center for Security Policy.

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