Thank you Christopher Hitchens.

“HH: When you say pro-war but on the other side, what do you mean, Christopher Hitchens?”

“CH: Well, I object to people like Michael Moore for example, or Ramsey Clark being referred to as…in the New York Times as anti-war activists, or anti-war campaigners. They’re not anti-war at all. For one thing, they’re not pacifists, particularly not Ramsey Clark. For another, they’ve declared that they believe the beheaders and jihadists and the blowers up of Mosques and mutilators of women and so forth are a liberation force or an insurgency. Michael Moore even said they were the modern equivalent to the American founding fathers. So in that case, fine. George Galloway’s the same. Many of them are. They’re not really against the war. They’re not anti-war, but on the other side in the war for civilization, and they should be called out on it and given their right name.”

What is the “right name” Mr. Hitchens? Because I like things simple I am supplying the following from what Mr. Hitchens was either too gentlemanly or perhaps over assumptive to name:

Traitor: 1 : one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty 2 : one who commits treason

Betrayer: 1 : to lead astray; especially : SEDUCE 2 : to deliver to an enemy by treachery 3 : to fail or desert especially in time of need 4 a : to reveal unintentionally b : SHOW, INDICATE c : to disclose in violation of confidence
intransitive senses : to prove false

Apostate: abandonment of a previous loyalty

Recreant: unfaithful to duty or allegiance

Quisling: Norwegian politician who collaborated with the Nazis

Turncoat: one who switches to an opposing side or party; specifically : TRAITOR

Thank you Radio Blogger for providing the transcript and audio from the Hugh Hewitt radio program of March 22nd.

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