The "Illegal" in Illegal Imigration

Finally someone has gotten to the key element of the discussion over illegal imigration. Dennis Byrne writes in RealClearPolitics that:

“people who are illegally in this country possess only those civil rights that we grant to them.”

“Yes, they have human rights, such as the familiar life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But civil rights, by most definitions, are protections and privileges of freedom given by nation’s laws to its citizens.”

“An illegal immigrant can claim the protections of human rights, which cannot be voided by any governmental action. But–and this will startle and anger some–an “undocumented” immigrant has no claim to equal treatment.”

This will not be popular in the main stream press, but the “illegal” part of illegal imigrant is the most important part of this discussion.

Mr. Byrne closes with a solution saying “we can solve this problem, humanely and effectively. Strengthen our border. Enforce the laws on the books. Restore respect for the rule of law. Agree that the fight isn’t over immigration, but illegal immigration. And, most important, agree that Americans have a right to define and defend what it means to be an American.”

Well said Mr. Byrne. This speaks volumes to this “simple solutions are best” thinker.

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